IBF Right Whale Institute

Research, studies and action in the defence and preservation of biomas from APA - Right Whale Environmental Protection Area.

IBF – Right Whale Institute is a private, non profitable entity, with offices in Garopaba and Praia do Rosa - SC. Through its scientific research projects production and execution, environmental education and programmes to support ecoturism, IBF fights to protect Southern Right Whales and the ecosystems that support the fauna and flora of our region.

Every year the Right Whales migrate from feeding areas in Antartica for the coast of Santa Catarina looking for calmer and warmer waters. Males and females are often seen from the beaches developing reproductive activities.

Pregnant females get very close to the coast to give birth and to nurse their offspring. The bays, that are cut, offer better protection to the young ones. Since they are coastal animals, Right Whales can be watched from the top of the hills or even from the beach shore.

The seacoast of Santa Catarina is recognized as an area of extreme importance to the reproductive cicle of the species. Access here the IBF site, and learn more about our institution and become a FRIEND OF THE WHALE and help us to continue our work.